TradingBot Solutions

TradingBot Solutions is a cloud-based, auto trading bot service. In addition to the basic trading bot service, it also has a crypto-trading academy and social trading. Social trading is growing in popularity as it allows you to trade based on signals from professional traders, who are using battle-tested strategies. The TradingView bot is fully integrated with TradingView, so you can make use of the plethora of indicators available on that platform.


Plans are based on a three-tiered pricing structure: Starter, Pro & Unlimited. The Starter plan gives you access to one exchange and one internal signal, Pro gives you access to three exchanges and five internal signals, Unlimited (as its name suggests) gives you access to an unlimited number of exchanges and internal signals. Subscriptions can be set-up monthly or annually with payment being accepted by Credit or Debit Card only. The Starter plan is $49/month, the Pro plan is $79/month, and the Unlimited plan is $99/month. A 20% discount applies to any of the plans if paid for on an annual basis.

Software Type

This is a cloud-based service so it is accessible from anywhere, and from any device. There is no installation or maintenance necessary. While cloud-based systems are extremely convenient, there is a small trade-off in security as all billing and trade data are stored on TradingBot Solution’s servers, as opposed to the trader’s computer in a local install. This is likely only a consideration for the most privacy/security conscious traders.

Exchange Interfaces

Binance, Binance US, BitMex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro and Poloniex are all currently supported by TradingBot Solutions, with more on the way.


As with most trading bot services, the trading bots connect to your exchange via API and don’t have a withdrawal function. This means anyone accessing your TradingBot Solutions account would not be able to access any funds. They would only have access to billing and trade data. Even though there isn’t much to be gained by accessing your account on their server, it is a little surprising that they do not have two-factor authentication available.


TradingBot Solutions does not have this feature.

Paper Trading

You can create and install a Virtual Trading Bot to do paper trading. It will connect to any of the exchanges and make virtual trades, (it won’t actually place the order on the exchange) so you can see how your trading bot would perform under real market conditions.

Drag & Drop Bot Builder

TradeBot Solutions does not have this feature. But, even beginners will find the interface intuitive and easy to use.

Scripting Language

There is no scripting functionality built into the platform itself. But, it integrates with TradingView so you can create custom scripts using pine script within TradingView. Then the trading bot will trade based on signals coming from TradingView.

Advanced Order Types

As this is primarily an auto trading bot platform and not a multi-exchange trading platform, there are no advanced order types as such. That being said, your bots can be customized to add any order type you wish to use.

Supports Leveraged Trading

Leveraged trading is fully supported on both BitMex and Poloniex.

Additional Features

-Crypto Trading Academy: a collection of articles and videos on crypto trading
-Social Trading: allows you to receive and trade based on external signals
-TradingView signals: allows you to set-up alerts on any of the multitude of indicators available on TradingView and have your trading bot make trades based on the alerts sent out by TradingView
-Weekly Webinars: stay abreast of what is happening in the crypto trading space.

  • Pricing
  • Software Type
  • Exchange Interfaces
  • Security
  • Backtesting
  • Paper Trading
  • Drag & Drop Bot Builder
  • Scripting Language
  • Advanced Order Types
  • Supports Leveraged Trading


This is a relatively basic trading bot service with a few extras like social trading and weekly webinars thrown in. There are only six supported exchanges. If the one that you want isn’t supported, or you need backtesting or other features, you will need to look elsewhere. The biggest advantage to TradingBot Solutions is that this is the only place that you can try your strategies in real-time, for an unlimited time, with full functionality, for free. When you are certain your strategies will be profitable, only then do you pay to upgrade to the paid plan and start actual trading.