Haasbot Trade Server 3.0 is a comprehensive crypto-currency trading platform that has just about every feature you can think of plus a few you may not have. It gives you the ability to trade across dozens of exchanges at once using multiple trading bots. It has many innovative features such as “safeties” and “insurances” that protect your account from sudden market movements (see more below). It is the most advanced, sophisticated trading bot platform on the market, as well as, one of the most expensive. If the price doesn’t put you into cardiac arrest, then this is almost certainly the platform you are looking for.


Plans are based on a three-tiered pricing structure: Beginner, Simple & Advanced. The Beginner plan has all the basic functionality with each successive plan adding features and additional functionality. Subscriptions can be set-up quarterly, semi-annually or annually. While this is the most advanced, feature rich trading bot currently on the market, it is not cheap. The Beginner package is .073 BTC annually with the Simple and Advanced plans being .127 BTC & .208 BTC respectively. The prices are in BTC because that is the only form of payment accepted. And while only being able to pay in BTC shouldn’t be of much concern for a crypto-trader, the majority of trading bot providers do accept other forms of payment. Aside from being relatively expensive, the real negative factors are that there are no monthly plans or free trials.

Software Type

The HaasOnline software is designed to run on your computer or server so as to provide maximum privacy and security. Since everything is running locally, this takes away many of the attack vectors that are available when a service is running in the cloud, as your trade data and API keys are stored on your secure hardware, safe from any type of third-party tracking. They have versions of the software for Windows, Mac & Linux. While having the system running on your local computer is wonderful from a privacy/security perspective, it does mean there is an installation that must be done and ongoing maintenance. For those traders that would prefer to avoid having to install and maintain the software locally, there will be cloud-based version available soon. This also means it will be accessible by any device or browser. Having the availability of a local installation, VPS installation or running in the cloud makes this program extremely flexible.

Exchange Interfaces

HaasOnline has interfaces with more than 20 of the major exchanges including: Binance, Binance Futures, Binance US, Bitfinex, BitMex, Bitpanda Pro, Bitstamp, Bittrex, CEX.IO, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Ionomy, Kraken, Kraken Futures, KuCoin, OKCoin, OKEX, OKEX Futures & Poloniex. In addition to having a large number of supported exchanges, they also have an “Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot” to allow you to make money from temporary price differences among the various exchanges.


This system has clearly been designed with privacy and security in mind. There are quite a number of security features with this service. The most important feature is no withdrawal support. Your funds stay in your account at the exchange. HaasOnline does not have access to your funds and even if a hacker somehow gained control of your trading bot, since there is no withdrawal feature, they could only make trades, but would be prevented from withdrawing any funds. The second key feature is that the software resides on your system, not on theirs. Your API keys, passwords and all trade data are on your machine and not accessible by HaasOnline. Further, by design, HaasOnline has no personal data other than your email. Since they only accept bitcoin as payment, they have no need for any billing or personal information. Therefore, in the event of an employee going rogue or a hacker gaining access to their system, there is nothing to be compromised. They can’t get your personal information, passwords, API keys, trade data or access to funds. And to take this one step further, you can add 2-factor authorization to your account. Without a doubt this is the most secure set-up you are going to find.


The program has more than 50 technical indicators and a multitude of testing tools, as well as, multiple methods to determine closing price and a number of different reports. Up to 56 weeks of data is available on a 1-minute candle. All of this combined, allows for comprehensive historical and real-time backtesting.

Paper Trading

Accurate, real-time exchange data is available for use in the simulation mode, giving traders the opportunity to take their strategy for a test drive and see how it performs under various market conditions before putting up actual funds.

Drag & Drop Bot Builder

The program has a library of more than 600 visual blocks that you can literally drag and drop to create custom algorithms with no coding. This is an important feature for someone that has no or limited coding skills.

Scripting Language

For those of you that do have coding skills, HaasOnline has developed it’s own scripting language based on C#. This allows more advanced users to create completely customized bots. With this feature, every conceivable aspect of your trading bot can be controlled.

Advanced Order Types

Most trading bots allow you to use more advanced order types than are typically available on an exchange. But, HaasOnline takes this to a new-level, allowing you to create and build your own synthetic order types for maximum flexibility.

Supports Leveraged Trading

Full support for leveraged trading is available. Besides providing interfaces for both BitMex and Derebit, the software also integrates with the futures offered on several traditional exchanges.

Additional Features

The program comes with a long list of indicators and if you can’t find the one you want on the list you can build it yourself. There are more than a dozen pre-configured bots that you can use if you don’t want to go to the trouble of creating your own. Among these are a Trade Bot (Haasbot 3.0) which can be configured anywhere from very simple to very complex taking into consideration various indicators, safeties and insurances to execute trades based on custom strategies, an Inter-Exchange Arbitrage bot that lets you profit from price discrepancies between the various markets, an Accumulation bot that makes purchases in random amounts and at random times such that you can accumulate a large position without impacting the market or drawing unwanted attention, an Index Bot that automatically rebalances your portfolio according to your pre-set rules, a Flash-Crash bot which is designed on a grid strategy to take advantage of sudden or dramatic moves in the market and many, many more. But, the feature that sets Haasbot apart from their competition more than any other, is their use of what they refer to as “Safeties” and “Insurances”. Trades that have been identified by your trade bot have to pass these additional rules before they will be executed. For example, the Overcome Fees insurance mandates that trades only be executed if they will be profitable net of fees and the Only Trade Sideways insurance identifies trends and overrides trade signals if the market is in a trend, effectively allowing the bot to only trade in sideways markets. There are at least a dozen insurances and more than twenty safeties to choose from. And, as you probably have already guessed, the program allows you to create your own custom safeties and insurances.

  • Pricing
  • Software Type
  • Exchange Interfaces
  • Security
  • Backtesting
  • Paper Trading
  • Drag & Drop Bot Builder
  • Scripting Language
  • Advanced Order Types
  • Supports Leveraged Trading


This is far and away the most sophisticated, comprehensive trade bot offering currently on the market. It has a number of features not available anywhere else. If your portfolio is large enough to justify the cost, then this is your best choice. While someone new to the world of automated trading may be intimidated or overwhelmed by all the different options and features and apprehensive about the prospect of installing software, the team at Haasbot Online has put together an exceptionally good Wiki to document how to install and operate the system. They also have a very active community in addition to a traditional customer support system. If you can afford it, this is the way to go.